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Monday, May 10, 2010

Just bought the Garmin 305 today. Wasn't sure about 405 vs. 305, but ended up going with the 305 since the only difference really seemed to be the look of the watch, and that the 405 has a wireless syncing option with the computer. Oh, and there was a $170 price difference between the 305 and the 405!! I've just used it for the first time (just got back from the run) I'M IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! I used to have the Nike + sensor that hooked up to my iPod, but the sensor died and so I upgraded to the Garmin. I'm super pleased...the Nike + was not as accurate as this Garmin is! Plus it's super motivating when you build workouts in the Garmin Software that comes with it...and it beeps at you if you aren't going the correct pace. I absolutely loved it!

On a different note, I'm here tomorrow, then headed to Maine for a business trip. I'm going to a training class for work. BF is coming with me...we are leaving early Wednesday morning, and he is coming back Monday, while I'm staying until Thursday after that. Then Friday is a furlough day! So I have all next week off. We are flying into Boston Wednesday morning, and then going to see the Red Sox! I'm a huge Brewers fan first, but the Red Sox are my second team. I can't wait to see's going to be great!

I'm really looking forward to running in Maine...I'll be super close to the coast!


..... Carmen June 8, 2010 at 8:52 PM  

Hi Rose! It's 'Fivesticks' from Ravelry. Just noticed your blog, and love that you run. I'm also a marathoner. Did you know you could name your Garmin? I think you need to do it on the Garmin programming on your computer. But then everytime you turn it on it will great you with "its" name :) Mine is Speedy Gonzales - lol.

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